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seiko "smith" - kerner metal latest generation of face milling cutter can easily meet the strict application requirements of cast iron materials

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to the vermicular cast iron materials, materials or cgi. cgi material also known as the vermicular cast iron, the metal performance can meet or exceed similar materials, in some cases is very obvious.
but unfavorable situation is that cgi materials is very difficult to cutting, cutting knife with excellent toughness and wear resistance. in the whole manufacturing industry at the same time, for low cost effective processing cry continuously, it also requires cutting tool must have a low unit cost of artifacts, as well as satisfactory service life of cutting tools. in face milling, which can meet the requirements of the cutting tool is mill 16 ™.
"compared with cast iron material, cgi materials and light weight, the characteristics of the strength, especially suitable for the thermal stress and mechanical stress has a high requirement of parts processing, such as car and truck engine cylinder block, cylinder head, exhaust pipe, and the braking system accessories," global senior product manager marcelo campos said. "but, compared with other cast iron material, this material has a strong abradability, in the process of processing also has a certain number of adhesiveness. we develop the economy that 16 is a first-class face milling cutter product performance, not only apply to the cgi materials processing, can also be used for all types of cast iron materials processing; this tool in the gearbox, motor shell, pump body, and the automobile manufacturing industry, agriculture, and heavy equipment industry field of all kinds of spare parts processing has a very wide application.
the unique advantages of campos will mill 16 summarized as follows:
- mill 16 has a dense tooth and tooth in the blade, at the same time with one of the screw with a wedge type locking device. this will shorten tool library setup time, ensure rigidity and efficient cutting tool installation. every knife nest of blade on number, every cutting edges on the blade on the same number, thus in the transfer operation of the blade to ensure the accuracy of the largest and operating convenience.
16 - mill cutter design is the core of an octagonal double blades, the blade has 16 high efficient cutting edges, ensure low unit processing costs. each end of a cutting edge design is an efficient chip breaker groove, cutting process to ensure the efficient and good chip flow. the blade on both sides at the top of the wedge clamping design, similar to the chamfering shape, can improve chip removal performance.
- mill cutting diameter in the range of 2-10 to 16 in. kerner metal company will be the product of the maximum axial cutting depth parameter, although it is possible to realize the depth of the 9 mm or larger, but the key factor on the casting surface differences into consideration. because the tool cutting force is very low, so can achieve 100% radial turning operations. all cutting tools products have cooling performance.
- cutting tool using the latest hard alloy material. kenner kck20 metal material using a pvd altin/alticrn composite coating, and the adoption of the metallurgical bonding on the substrate material with good abrasion resistance, compared with the same kind of tialn coating material, tool life can be extended by an average of 30%.
- a variety of edge processing type, blade, blade groove type, and a variety of auxiliary materials, ensure the mill 16 under various processing conditions of high-performance applications, from heavy rough machining to semi-finishing, and because of the blade adopt and repair the light blade design, can also be used for surface roughness ra 3.2 microns or better superfinishing.
customer's field test shows that the cutting tool performance is stable and efficient. in use of a nodular cast iron plate mill 16 dry processing applications, the feed rate is increased by 41%, doubled the knives' service life. in the machining process of a kind of gray cast iron gearbox feed rate parameters for 0.39 mm per tooth, cutting speed of 208 m/min, compared with the traditional cutting tool, reducing the spindle load, and slightly prolong the service life of cutting tools. in the machining process of the pump shell, change to mill after 16, metal removal rate and tool life are more than doubled.
there are many such examples. campos said that he and conducted extensive testing automobile manufacturers and their suppliers, in all tests, mill 16 compared with competitive tool, there are more outstanding performance. "we have the cutting force tester. we shot the video data. we have strict testing the knives' service life. when we come to the conclusion that, compared with a competitive tool, extended mill 16 tool life by 20%, or metal removal rate increased by 50%, you can believe this conclusion. 16 kerner metal workers to mill the tool was very excited, and the cutting tool in our customer cgi materials and other types of cast iron materials processing performance in a was thrilled.
octagonal double-edge blade has 16 high efficient cutting edges, to ensure the lowest unit of workpiece machining cost in the industry
in the finish machining of nodular cast iron plate application, 16 the knives' service life of mill and feed rate are doubled
kerner metal company as a global leader of industrial technology, in the past more than seventy-five years has been fighting in the advanced materials innovation, we by applying the most advanced materials science, cutting tool and high wear-resisting solutions, to help customers increase productivity. our customers throughout the aviation industry, road construction and mining, energy, general machinery processing and transport, and other fields, kenner can help them achieve efficient precision metal manufacturing. we have nearly 12000 employees in more than 60 countries around the world, they every day in our best to keep our customers competitive advantage. kenner metal in the revenue of more than $2.6 billion in fiscal year 2015.

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