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welding safety technology operating rules

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the general principles of the welder's security
1. electric welding, gas welder are special operations, should be physical examination qualified, and approved by professional security technology study, the training and examination qualified, to receive the special type of work operation certificate and is able to operate independently.
2. check the welding field before starting work, oxygen and acetylene cylinders are no less than 5 m apart, is apart from the solder joints not less than 10 m. and banned within l0m piled up other inflammable and explosive articles, including flammable and explosive gas are produced by vessel line), and equipped with fire equipment, ensure adequate lighting and good ventilation.
3. (including the slag) when all staff must wear overalls, safety goggles or face mask. no naked operation on his back and tied welding according to fasten the collar and cuffs, good fire prevention cap, may wear wet gloves when welding work.
4. pressure container, airtight container, all kinds of cans, pipelines, stained with combustible gas and solution with the workpiece during operation, must check in advance, and after washed away with poisonous and harmful, inflammable, explosive substance, lifting container and pipe pressure, eliminate the container closed state (open mouth, unscrew cap), and then to work.
5. in welding, cutting closed hollow workpiece, must have air flow. must be set on the outside of the container welding, people care, and have good ventilation, lighting use 12 v voltage. prohibited in the paint or spray plastic container welding.
6. electric welding machine ground zero and welding line are not allowed to take on, heat explosion of the inflammable, also not allowed to pick up on the pipe and machine tool equipment. work loop should be the insulation is good, chassis grounding must conform to safety regulations.
7. in a workshop with inflammable, explosive, near places or pipe hot welding, must be dealt with "" dangerous operations apps. fire, giambi agencies to on-site inspection, strict security measures, can operate.
8. aerial work should wear seat belts, and to take protective facilities, the ground should be people care. it is strictly prohibited to will work back to the spool in the body.
9. welding must be placed flat, firm can weld, are not allowed to be on the crane to lift or forklift scooping up the workpiece welding, welding repair all kinds of machinery and equipment, must stop, job site should have enough space.
10. the operator must pay attention to the safety of the assistant, assistant will know the full sense of electricity (gas) welding.
11. it is strictly forbidden to use without approval of acetylene generator gas welding operations.
manual arc welding work
1. before work should check the welding machine power supply cord, lead and all contacts are in good condition, line crossing roadway should be built on stilts or add protection cover, secondary lines and chassis must have a good grounding, the grounding resistance shall not be more than 4 ohm; clamp insulation and heat insulation performance of electrode must be good.
2. open electric welding is not allowed on rainy days. when he worked in humid areas, to stand where the items covered by insulation, good insulation and shoes.
3. move or electric welding machine from the electrical wiring or check online line, grounding, etc shall be conducted by an electrician.
4. push the knife switch, the body will skew, to push the foot at a time, and then open the electric welding machine; when stop, first close welder, snap to a knife switch power supply.
5. move the electric welding machine, you must first power outage, a sudden power outage in welding, shall be immediately closed welding machine.
6. where there are a lot of people, when welding the to make block blocking arc, naked bar should remind staff don't look around when arc.
7, should wear gloves when changing electrode, the body don't depend on the iron plate or other conductive objects. wear safety glasses when you knock on pulp are.
8. when the welding non-ferrous metal components, must strengthen the ventilation detoxification, using filter type gas mask when necessary.
9. the electrode holder and the workpiece under the condition of short circuit, the power switch should not be closing; stop working, the electrode holder should be separated from the artifact, electrode holder in the insulation is good, should be only allowed in the non-work state to cut off the power supply.
manual welding (cut)
1. the general provisions
(1) strictly abide by the general safety rules of the welder and the pressure regulator, rubber hose, oxygen tank, dissolved acetylene cylinders (cut) the safe use of rules and welding safety operation procedures.
(2) the work before or after a long time shutdown work, must check all the equipment. oxygen tank, dissolved acetylene cylinders, pressure regulator and rubber hose joints, valves and fasteners should be strong, no looseness, breakage and leakage phenomenon. oxygen tank accessories, rubber hose, tools can be infected with grease and oil.
(3) check whether equipment, accessories and pipeline leak, only allowed with soap water test. there are not allowed to open when testing. it is forbidden to use fire test leakage.
(4) the oxygen tank, dissolved acetylene cylinders should be in with distance between fire l0m above. such as constraints, are no less than 5 m, and quarantine measures should be taken.
(5) ban with easy to produce sparks tools to open oxygen and acetylene gas valve.
(6) equipment when pipe is frozen, it is forbidden to use fire roast or use the tools on frozen block. oxygen valve, dissolved acetylene valve or piping to melt with below 40 ℃ warm water; tempering to prevent, and pipeline can use hot water or steam heating thawing, 23 ~ 30% sodium oxide or use hot water solution to thaw, heat preservation.
(7) welding field should be equipped with corresponding fire equipment. open-air homework should avoid direct sunlight on the oxygen tank, dissolved acetylene cylinders.
(8) after work or leave the work site, to twist on a cylinder of helmet, clean up the scene, the cylinders in the designated place.
pressure vessels and pressure gauge, safety valve (9), should be in accordance with the provisions, on a regular basis to check and test. always check the pressure device and the status of the safety accessories.
2. the rubber hose
(1) subject to pressure test of rubber hose, oxygen hose test pressure for 20 atmospheric pressure, acetylene hose test pressure for 5 atmospheric pressure. without the pressure test of substitute and metamorphism, aging, embrittlement, grease on flat rubber hose and hose are not allowed to be used.
(2) the hose length is commonly l0 ~ 20 m. are not allowed to be used are too short or too long hose. have to use special clamp joint or annealed wire tightly fastened.
(3) oxygen hose to red, black acetylene hose (green), when connected to the welding torch is disorder.
(4) acetylene hose used in loss, rupture, fire occurs, should first will welding torch or the flame cutting torch, then stop gas supply; oxygen hose is on fire, shut off the oxygen tank valve quickly and stop gas supply. by bending is not allowed to eliminate oxygen hose is on fire. in front of the acetylene hose fire available the bending of a hose to the fire go out.
(5) the ban on high temperature pipes and wires, rubber hose or pressed heavy or hot items on the hose, also not allowed to use hoses and electric welding wire laying together, when using, should prevent the slit. hose after roadway should be added when sheathed or cover plate.
3. the oxygen tank
(1) every cylinder must set two antivibration rubber ring. oxygen tank should be in with the rest of the flammable gas cylinders, grease and other flammable items keep separate, also not with car transportation. cover on the helmet during transport, the car with a special tire place strong, light light discharge, to prevent vibration, it is forbidden to adopt the method of throwing, rolling, sliding and with driving or crane carrying oxygen tanks. banned artificial shoulder hand carry handle.
(2) there was something wrong with oxygen bomb accessories or defect, valve screw slide wire should stop using it. oxygen tank should be upright placed on the fixed bracket, so as to avoid falling accident.
(3) it is prohibited to use no oxygen tank pressure reducer.
(4) does not allow all exhausted, oxygen in the oxygen bomb lkg/c ㎡ shall be maintained above the residual stress, and tighten the valve, and write "empty bottle" tag.
(5) when you start the oxygen valve, with a special tool, the movement wants slow, don't face the decompression table, but should observe whether pressure gauge pointer is flexible to normal.
(6) oxygen and acetylene cylinder with, two pressure gauges, pressure reducer can not relative, in case one of the one thousand hit another table table popup.
(7) the field of mixing gas, electric welding, to prevent the oxygen tank charged, such as iron, the ground mat board or insulating rubber gasket.
4. dissolved acetylene cylinders
(1) acetylene cylinders in use, transport and storage, environmental temperature, shall not exceed 40 ℃.
(2) acetylene cylinders must always keep in good condition, paint shall not be altered.
(3) using acetylene cylinders shall comply with the following provisions:
(1) shall not be close to the heat source and electrical equipment, to prevent exposure to the summer, it is prohibited to knock, collision;
(2) special fixture should be used when the lifting, handling and shockproof truck, it is forbidden to use electromagnetic overweight machine chain rope hoisting and handling.
(3) it is strictly prohibited to put in place for poor ventilation and radioactive rays, and shall not be put on rubber insulators;
(4) working location is not fixed and rotating is frequent, should be in a special car. using acetylene cylinders and oxygen tanks at the same time, should avoid to be put together.
5. pay attention to when using fixed to prevent dumping, it is forbidden to put to use.
6) must be installed special pressure reducer, tempering to prevent. the mouth of the valve opens, the operator should stand suitability, the movement wants light delay.
all landowners can pressure shall not exceed 1.5 kgf/c ㎡, gas flow velocity should not exceed 1.5 ~ 2.0 m3 / bottle.
today it is strictly prohibited and its products such as copper, silver and mercury contact with acetylene. must use the copper alloy appliances alloy steel content should be lower than 70%.
pet-name ruby it is forbidden to run out of gas inside the bottle, must have no less than the residual stress of regulations listed in the table below:
the environment temperature ℃ l00-1515-2525-40
the residual stress
kgf / ㎡ 0.5123 c
(4) melt acetylene cylinders should be light light discharge, it is strictly prohibited to throw, smooth, rolling, touch, cars, boats, at the time of shipment, should be properly fixed. car at the time of shipment, transverse discharge, the head should be toward one side and must not exceed the height or erect emissions, height is not less than two-thirds of the bottle is high. summer transportation should have shading, prevent insolate, hot should avoid during the transportation. the car ban on fireworks, and should have their own dry chemical or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher (four oxidation carbon fire extinguisher) is strictly prohibited. it is forbidden to boat with oxygen, oxygen tanks and flammable items with car transportation.
(5) the scene of the use of acetylene cylinder, storage shall not exceed 5 bottles. more than 5 but not more than 20 bottles, should be on the spot or within the workshop with a burning body or difficult burning body wall at or separate storage compartment, and relies on a wall on one side. acetylene cylinders shall be set up more than 20 bottles, library.
5. pressure reducer
(1) pressure reducer and cylinder connections before, should check the pressure reducer on the presence of oil. and outer nut lining is normal.
(2) installing a pressure reducer, gas cylinders to switch on the slightly turned a bit, hit the breath of cylinder attached to the switch of the dust and moisture.
(3) after installed, want to put the thread with a wrench tight, at least more than 5 buttons, or high pressure gas bottle will blow the pressure reducer.
(4) pressure reducer installed, when you start the oxygen bomb and the pressure reducer valve, the movement wants slow. when pressure is transferred to the required pressure before allows gas to the torch.
(5) must not remove any pressure reducer, and i will check on a regular basis. when the pressure is not normal, no seal or safety valve is not reliable, it is prohibited to use.
(6) a variety of gas pressure reducer can not be used interchangeably.
(7) after work, we should remove the cylinder pressure reducer, be properly kept.
6. (cut) torch welding operation
(1) fully tip used wire or bamboo stick, banning the use of the wire.
(2) before the use should check welding torch or cutting torch radiation absorption ability is good.
(3) the welding torch (cut) shot after check the normal absorption, upstairs acetylene trachea, should first check the acetylene flow is normal, acetylene trachea also pick up on the acetylene joint. oxygen tube must be connected to the oxygen inlet joint firm. acetylene tube too tight connect with acetylene intake connectors should be avoided, not leak and easy to plug in dial the shall prevail.
(4) according to the types of welding, cutting material, thickness, the correct selection of welding torch, cutting torch and tip, cut chew. adjust the appropriate pressure and flow of the oxygen and acetylene. are not allowed to be used welding torch cut metal.
(5) the welding torch or cutting torch lit operation procedures:
1) before ignition, rapid open welding torch (or cutting torch) valve, using oxygen blowing, to check the nozzle exit, but don't try on the face the wind. shall not be used when there is no wind.
(2) to shoot suction welding torch (or cutting torch), ignition, start with acetylene wheel, hand wheel to adjust the flame lit open again after oxygen. so that we can check whether the acetylene is open, and out of acetylene air mixed gas. ignition should be sent to the wick or lit a match.
(3) into the container, when welding the ignition and extinction should be conducted outside the container.
(4) using acetylene cutting machine, should put acetylene gas, put oxygen firing again.
(5) using oxygen cutting machine, should put hydrogen, oxygen after firing.
(6) to extinguish the flame, acetylene torch should be shut valve, then close the oxygen valve. cut oxygen cutting torch should be concerned about, and then close the acetylene and preheating oxygen valve.
(7) working in welding, cutting nozzle are not allowed to be on the iron plate, do not be too close to the molten metal, tip can't overheat, cannot be blocked. when found a tempering omen, should stop working.
(8) tempering, quickly shut on acetylene torch hand wheel, and oxygen handwheel. after tempering put out, put the tip on the water cooling, hand wheel, and then open the oxygen blow torch in soot, find out reason of tempering and resolved, continue to use again.
(9) hydrogen and oxygen, first released acetylene gas, oxygen again, finally release oxygen, then lit. dies off oxygen, first off oxygen again, finally acetylene gas.
(10) short time to rest, must put the welding torch (cut) the valve closed. a long time to rest or leaving the working place, must put out welding torch, closed cylinders spherical valve, remove the pressure of the pressure reducer, released residual air in the pipe, and then pick up the hose and tools.
(11) to work to have enough clean water, for cooling tip.
switch (12) of oxygen and acetylene hose. also not allowed to use the oxygen blow the dirt from the acetylene hose. when your acetylene and oxygen pipeline leak phenomenon should be timely repair cease-fire.
(13) operation of the welding torch and torch, the rubber hose is not allowed on her back operations to ban the use of welding torch or cutting torch flame for lighting.

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